Passing Along Untruths: Sheeple Of A Different Shepherd

It’s no secret to those who know me that I absolutely can’t stand internet rumors, especially the politically charged ones that get passed around Facebook.  I have to say, it’s been a rough couple of weeks on this front.

First there was the Obama Wants Marines To Wear Girly Hats falsehood, then there was the Tom Cruise Thinks Being in Movie Is Like War selective edit/misquote and now we have the Chris Hayes of MSNBC Is Disgusted By Veterans satire story being passed around.  The link to the original Chris Hayes story that appeared on the SATIRE page Daily Currant is here. For the record the “about” link to the Daily Currant clearly states it to be a satire site.

For extra fun check out the comments below the Currant Story. I wonder if the moderator is laughing at the idiots that post there, or are they happy that they got a rise out of them?  One things for sure, they are letting their advertisors know how much traffic the site gets. $$$$$

The real thing that drives me crazy is the how quick we are to pass these stories around on Facebook.  It’s tribalism at it’s worst.   And for what it’s worth, I gotta say that those friends in my news feed that pass this stuff around are the same ones who call their political rivals “low information voters”. 

C’mon….if your computer gets Facebook it also gets Google.  The more the story looks juicy and worth sharing, the more you should check it out.  If it only appears on the fringe sites, that should be a clue. If those fringe sites have the exact same story, word for word, that should be clue.  If the story only refers to something being “reported”, yep…..that’s another clue.

To make matters worse, when people are told that the info they shared is, in fact false, a frequent response is…..”So, that guy is still an idiot (or worse).” As if it’s OK to lie about people you don’t like.  Not sure if there was any fine print on the Tablets From Sinai, but I doubt it. False witness is false witness.  At what point do people start to feel bad for passing along bad gouge to their friends?

It appears, that at least in the world of Facebook Memes- there really are sheeple out there.  The scary thing is that they just don’t realize who they are.


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