Odd Memes After Sandy Hook

Since the tragic school shooting last week, everyone is sharing opinions, sometimes their own, but more often than not cutting and pasting opinions from the “trusted” sources on the internet.  Here’s some things I notice and/or think:

1- The argument that bad people will do bad things is true. Without a gun the killer could have made his own bomb or used knife (like the guy in China), both thoughts are true.  The difference is the fact that even the best homemade bomb doesn’t always work.  Sometimes, even under the eyes of professionals, wires don’t connect right or mixtures are wrong.  Heck sometimes the bomb maker kills himself.  (Our Commanding Officer called this an “Own Goal” while we were deployed).  But an assault rifle is pretty damn reliable and efficient, particularly in relation to a knife, and unlike having to “make” a bomb, it’s ready to go at a moments notice.  You can also carry more than one in case the first one jams. It’s pretty hard to do that with a bomb, though admittedly not impossible.  This not to say that the lack of assault rifles will end crimes, it’s just admitting that there is a reason this is a primary option of the deranged. So I don’t buy this particular argument against the regulation of assault weapons.  Random thought- can you purchase live hand grenades?   I imagine not, but am honestly not sure.

2- I find it interesting that the same people who are relying on the mental illness aspect of the case are (in general) the same people who are against any form of health care reform.  The idea that one persons lack of mental health can so tragically affect their community seems pretty evident right now, the question is how is it paid for?

3- On a similar vein, the petitions and Facebook posts about hiring out of work vets to stand as armed guards in schools is being made by the same folks (in general) who are against any kind of government jobs program, particularly the most recent one that was heavy on hiring cops and teachers.

4- If you really want something to go viral, attribute it to Morgan Freeman.

Those are just some thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Odd Memes After Sandy Hook

  1. More people die every year from drug over doses, DUI’s, car accidents and cigarettes. Death from firearms have gone down over the last twenty years. So have deaths from car accidents and DUI’s. After 1999 Columbine event we as a society made changes to school safety and law enforcement made changes on how they go after an active shooter. After Va.Tech colleges add changes on how people are notified,via twitter- email,etc, about active crime in the area. The shooting out in Arizona and Colorado was focused on the shooter because both survived. Now on 12-14-12, another, but more tragic event. The shooter destroyed the core of our society, meaning children who should be safe in school. The core of families have been torn apart. The core of small town America has been torn apart. It is easy to talk about guns and blame them. However, no one wants talk about mental illness. We have become a society of pill takers for the majority of ever problem. Feeling sad, take this, feeling hyper, take this, feeling lonely, take this, feeling fat, take this, get the point. Having mental problems is not a crime, it becomes a crime when you break a law or become a danger to yourself or society. In closing my heart aches for those little children, brave teachers and families torn apart forever.

    1. I think that improvement to the US mental health system are an important part (not all) of dealing with gun violence and some of the other ills of society.

      But I have a question to pose you. Why do you think we have become a society of pill poppers?

      Do you think it is because Americans are unwilling to face their problems so they take a pill? Is it because we just want a quick fix? Is it because insurance companies often have better prescription coverage than mental health coverage? Is it because too often people refuse to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist so they get treated through their primary care physician? Is it because pharmaceutical companies encouraging the use of medication for everything that ails you? Or is it because something I can’t think of?

      I think it is mixture of all of them in different proportions. But the reason I ask the question is because it can help guide us toward a solution in the future.

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