Swerving For The Truth

I’ve spent the last hour flipping back and forth between Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow.  The “last channel” button on the remote control makes it pretty easy.

After a while I realized I was just swerving from one side of the road to the other and the common themes are interesting:

– Our guy is looking out for you!

– The other guys are hypocrites

I think they’re both right. I think both sides truly believe they have the right plan and I believe they are all hypocrites. I think both sides think the ends justify the means.

The problem is that if you stay on one channel, you only get half the story (the half you like).  But you know what- there are some things you don’t like that are still true and important.

Swerving from one side of the road to the other may not be the best way to operate a vehicle, but at least you stay on the road.  Keep veering left or right and you’ll be in a corn field before you know, maybe even wrapped around a tree, either way you cease to go forward.

The challenge: if you only watch one network- take a few days to watch the one you despise. It may be tough, it may make you really mad, but you’ll find out that hidden in the mostly partisan talking points, arguments, and sanctimonious crap, there will be something that you hear that will be bad for your candidate, and yet 100% true, and still  not reported on your network of choice.

If you want to be an informed voter: Swerve for the truth.


4 thoughts on “Swerving For The Truth

  1. Your comments are so true. I find it difficult to turn to news channels I do not agree with because I do not identify with their beliefs. At the end of the day, regardless of left or right media sources, I just do not feel that politicians relate to the public. Especially politicians who have spent their entire careers holding down a goverment seat. I do not put a lot of stock in what they say or “spin.” With that said, the media can only report what the politicians spew out to the people. Maybe our public servants should speak with a lie detector attached to them to help us see through their empty words.

  2. I suppose right depends on definition above anything…… Perhaps they are right if the definition of right is “trying to achieve their goals and in as much continue to earn a living that most Americans never see”.

    I have been on sabbatical from the news for almost and entire year now. The only place I am exposed to it is at work when walking past a television. I can tell which program is on simply by hearing the rhetoric. The hyperbole put out by all of the so called “news” channels is simply a different flavor of the same product. They depend on the stimulation peoples emotions in their favor and the general lack of willingness that people have have to research anything.

    The phenomenon we are witnessing with 24/7 “news” was defined by Marshall McLuhan almost 50 years ago when he coined the term “the medium is the message”.


    Anyway good observations I enjoyed the read.

      1. Your welcome.

        Do you not find that interesting? Such an important philosopher that has been completely omitted from general education? At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, which I may be, makes me say HMMMMM.

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