Both Sides Are Guilty

Politics Daily references Sen. Tom Coburn’s hypocrisy for vowing to ask Kagan tough questions despite being caught lobbing softball questions and doing crossword puzzles during the hearings for John Roberts (a Republican nominee).

Not to be outdone FoxNews reports on Al Franken doodling on a sketch pad and even napping during Kagan’s hearing today.  Of course this doesn’t make the headlines on MSNBC.

This shows us three things.

1- Neither side of the media is “fair and balanced”.

2- Both sides of the political debate can do very stupid stuff.

3- If you want to know the real story you need to get your info from multiple sources (even from that idiot news station you disagree with). 

There is nothing wrong with media having a little slant….so long as I know it exists.  I know MSNBC is left and FoxNews is right.  No big deal.  I read them both and firmly believe that some of their stuff is good reporting and some of it is grinding an axe.  So like my golf game I will slash towards the green with alternating shots to the other side of the fairway. I may never have a great lie (no pun intended) but I won’t end up in the woods either.



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