Took a weekend off from thinking too much

      I have tried to keep this blog going with posts about every 7 days or so.  Though there are a few things that have caught my attention this week, such as CPAC speeches, the media’s new found interest on the fact that Washington is broken, and the upcoming health care summit, I did not get a chance to really sift through my thoughts enough to type them out.  Instead my 14 year old son and I took a trip down to Myrtle Beach to catch one of our favorite bands Flogging Molly.

      Flogging Molly puts on one terrific show and the mixture of guitar, drums, accordian, banjo and fiddle produce a real rocking celtic sound.  The crowd at The House of Blues was awesome.  One great thing about bands like these is they usually play “all ages” shows.  Punk rock is not really about being angry (though there are certainly those types of bands) it is more about connecting with people and not feeling like you need to be framed by the rules of a specific genre.  Here’s a taste of the band in action doing the song “What’s Left of the Flag”.

      One of the best surprises last night was the opening act bands.  Both “The Architects” and a guy by the name of Frank Turner   really impressed me.  Frank opened up with a song called “The Road” which lyrically really captures the spirit of a wandering soul always looking to learn and expererience new things.   The song is catchy and very melodic. It closes up with the verse “So saddle up your horses and keep your powder dry, because the truth is you won’t be here long, soon you’re going to die. So to the heart, to the heart, there’s no time for you to waste, and you won’t find your precious answers by staying in one place, by giving up the chase.”

      Nothing like a good Englishman from Winchester penning what could easily become a Tea Party Anthem.  His song “Sons of Liberty”  rants against government getting too big for it’s brtiches (or is it breeches) as he sings: “Because the people then they understood what we have since forgot: that governments will only work for their own benefit. And I’d rather stand up naked against the elements alone than give the hollow men the right to enter in my home. When they raise their hands up our lives to possess, to know our souls, to drag us down, we’ll resist.”

      He ended the show with this song called “Photosynthesis”.  Any song with the chorus of “I won’t sit down….and i won’t shut up……and most of all I will not grow up” can’t be bad.  It wasn’t and the video is great, too.

      Frank Turner has quite a few albums out and can be found on I-Tunes and he seems to be doing well overseas.  It would not surprise me in the least to see him take off on this side of the pond as well.  Not only is he a great singer/song writer, he put on one terrific show.  If you ever get a chance to see him, I definately recommend it.

      Next week I’ll have more to write about the more serious stuff of our day.  But for this weekend, it was great to just chill out and spend a wekend with my son listening to some very cool live music.


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